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I slutningen af hvert kapitel af Den Perfekte Storm er der mulighed for at kommentere det enkelte kapitel. Man kan enten kommentere via sin mobiltelefon, via twitter eller via denne side. Her på siden kan du læse folks kommentarer og evt. kommentere disse kommentarer.

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      22. December, 2012
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      After having eilensxvety travelled all over Greece for more than 3 decades, Azalas is the place we’ll keep returning to. Getting there is a joy in itself with extraordinary vistas over the Eastern Aegean, while making your half an hour descent from Apiranthos. In Azalas you live surrounded by vegetable gardens and vineyards, the products of which you can fully enjoy, to say nothing of the fresh laid eggs you have at breakfast and the goat Nikos and Astrid treat you to once in a while. There is a feeling of sheer remoteness about Azalas, with the blessing of a good fish taverna nearby in the tiny port of Moutsounas. A lot has been written about Greek hospitality, but the way Astrid and Nikos make you feel welcome is something you have to experience yourself ! No wonder we’re looking forward to spend another month in Azalas this year.

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