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I slutningen af hvert kapitel af Den Perfekte Storm er der mulighed for at kommentere det enkelte kapitel. Man kan enten kommentere via sin mobiltelefon, via twitter eller via denne side. Her på siden kan du læse folks kommentarer og evt. kommentere disse kommentarer.

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    28. February, 2012
    Kommentar til kapitel: 2

    God baggrundsinformation for tilblivelsen af bogen, FB fokusgruppen er en spændende indgangsvinkel. #dpskap2

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    April 11, 2012 at 17:48:43 pm, Alina said:
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    Hi, Marti orange and blue just about my fav color combo. So I enjoy this very much from the color tnosdpaint. However, the composition is equal to the color in quality. I also love the sun stars it would appear, if one were visiting here for the first time from an alien planet, that there are 4 suns in this image. The two obvious ones, plus the one that's lit the undersides of the arches to the right and colored the water in its vertical wake and then the implied sun (the real sun) way off the image to the right, hinting that that direction is to the west.You also placed the 3 pieces of wood between the 3 light reflections which i think was a brilliant move on your part! These give more depth to the image. But one thing that bothers me a tad is that the 3 streaks of light reflections are very slightly curved to the right! So I'm wondering what caused this? Surely not the usual wide-angle distortion!Anyway, I'd have loved to have been there at that moment, just enjoying the peacefulness of the area; the saltwater smell; the colors; the fading light and fall in temperature, maybe even having to don a sweater as the air turned chill; and the sounds of the shore, water lapping and perhaps gulls crying.Thanks for sharing.Love & Hugs,Flo
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